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Child Sponsorship Information

What is Child Sponsorship?

They are Charitable programs run by organisations , to help children & communities all over in the world who are in desperate need of your help Through Child Sponsorship you can help to change the entire course of a child’s life & the local community to provide safe drinking water, basic healthcare, enough food and education. and an ability to generate their own income.

The way that sponsorship differs from regular donations is that sponsorship relies on regular donations to provide ongoing support rather than a one off donation.

See our video page to find out in more detail sponsorship works

How Can I sponsor a child today?

You can Start Sponsoring online by following the links to the following charities

Reg Charity No.285908 £18 p/m Learn more about World Vision
Reg Charity No.276035 £15 p/m more detail on Plan Uk sponsorship
Reg Charity No. 274467

£12 p/m

more about act!onaid sponsorship

view more details in our comparison table

One in ten children in the developing world die before their fifth birthday. The diseases they suffer from differ. But the cause is almost always the same. Poverty.

In which countries can i sponsor a child?

You can sponsor a child in many countries across the globe where help is needed here is some of the countries where child sponsorship helps change lives:

Eastern Europe Africa Asia Latin America
Sierra Leone
South Africa
Sri Lanka

more countries are available please see each charities web site for full details

How much does child sponsor ship cost?

The minimum monthly donation required from the above charities ranges between £12 and £18 (40p - 60p a day) , you can of course donate more on top of this if you would like .

In addition, thanks to the government's Gift Aid scheme, if you are a UK taxpayer, the charities can reclaim the tax on your donations - increasing their value by about a third at no extra cost to you.

What do i receive as a Child Sponsor ?

This varies depending on which charity you sponsor a child through , but you can expect to receive a welcome pack and annual letters including drawings and photos from the child.

Alongside this will be details of their family and community, so you can get a wider sense of their situation

How long does Sponsorship Last ?

This can vary greatly depending on the charity and the situation of the child . If you start sponsoring a child at a young age and at the outset of a project, then there is the potential to sponsor that child for anything upwards of ten years if that is what you wish to do.

Children usually need sponsorship until they complete their education.

For more information on the child sponsorship charities please see our comparison table